Sunday, October 09, 2005

Donations to WA-NARAL by State Politicians

I just did a quick look through the public disclosure filings with the Public Disclosure Commission and are some of more interesting donors to WA-NARAL so far this year:

Karen Fraser (D) -- State Senator gave $100 to WA-NARAL
Holly Plackett -- Former Redmond city council member
Jan Drago (D) -- Seattle City Council
Karen Keiser (D) State Senator -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Joe McDermott (D) State Representative -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Tom Rodney (R) State Representative -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Jean Berkey (D) State Senator -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Harriet Spanel (D) -- State Senator -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Phil Rockefeller (D) -- State Senator -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Mary Helen Roberts (D) -- State Representative -- $100 to WA-NARAL
Former Governor Gary Locke and his wife Mona contributed a total of $250 to WA-NARAL (Not running for office and he still supports abortion.)

Of course this list doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of which politicians are actively supporting the state's abortion industry. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels received direct donations from a least one Seattle abortionist, Deb Oyer, and her husband Tom Weeks (yes, that Tom Weeks) and was also a "celebrity" judge at WA-NARAL's "Chocolates for Choice" fundraiser earlier this year. Long-time pro-abortion politician Ron Simms counts an endorsement from WA-NARAL in this November's election among his top three.

And we haven't even gotten to the Republicans.

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Doug Parris said...

Get to the Republicans. Please!