Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Washington State Support for Late Term Abortionist

Some people sip the Kool-aide. Others saddle-on up to the bar, ask for a double-shot and throw it into their bodies with a gusto.

Here are two lists of all the financial donors to George Tiller "The Killer" and his Kansas Political Action Committee (PoKanDo PAC) . Geroge Tiller is the abortionist who performs late term abortions and is responsible for the recent death of a Down syndrome woman after performing an abortion on her. (Sorry I just can't bring myself to have a link to his web site on this blog.) Below are all the Washington state donors:

Raymond Biderback (He's on the School Board of the Sprauge School District)
Sprauge, Wa

Mr. Eugene Coan
Kirkland, Wa

Ann Hoffman
Seattle, Wa

Victoria Welch
Twisp, Wa

M. Alison Maus
Kirkland, Wa

George Heidorn

Ellen Ferguson
Seattle, Wa

Susan Eldenschink
Tacoma, Wa

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