Thursday, December 07, 2006

Name of Convert Revealed

In this post we speculate about the employer of Anonymous, MD. Her identity and employer have now been revealed in this post on National Review Online today.

“Ideology is getting in the way of doctors doing their jobs,” says Dr Grossman. “Why is it fine for me to care about my patients’ lungs and their arteries, but not their reproductive future, and their hearts and minds?”

That's one of the questions we've been asking on this blog for over a year now. For some reason we are attacked as "anti-science" and "crazy". There is also usually some insuinuation that we are "trying to impose are religious beliefs on others." Poppycock. Our approach has always been based in the reality of the human person as he was made, not as we would like him to be.

Dr. Grossman now wonders if she is to become a martyr in this battle between reality and fantasy, truth and lies, science and ideology.
In an interview, Dr. Grossman told me she feels very much at risk with the publication of her book. She explains: I’m discussing a taboo topic here: the dangers of radical social agendas in my profession. My colleagues are well-intentioned, and care deeply about their patients. But campus counseling centers are whitewashing the painful consequences of casual sex, STDs and abortion. They are promoting the notion that men and women are the same. They are not educating young people about future and family. In these issues, so central to campus health and counseling, we are failing our young people. Grossman Time will tell if Dr. Grossman’s candor will make her a pariah at work and in her profession.
As anyone who is following the debate over Plan B and abortion in our own state knows, it isn't only campus counseling centers who are doing the whitewashing. Legislators like Geoff Simpson and pharmacists like the UW's Don Downing (the "grandfather of Plan B"), just to name a few, who are in a position to help highlight the dangers Dr. Grossman points out seem to be working for the opposite: unhealthy, depressed, abortion prone women and men.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that Dr. Grossman has been open in her concern for the well being of her whole patient. I pray that her coming to speak out truthfully will empower other doctors to do the same. It is awfully lonely to be a stand out.