Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Former McGavick Staffer Joins Giuliani Campaign

Elliott Bundy has a record of working for pro-abortion Republicans.

As an aide and spokesman to Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski. He's the one who uttered the famous phrase, "We're happy to receive support from Alaska Right to Life in the manner they've chosen to give it," in regard to Alaska Right To Life's non-endorsement endorsement of Murkowski.

For Mike McGavick's ill fated senatorial campaign here.

Now for Rudy Giuliani as a campaign spokesman, "The ultrasound proposal currently under consideration is a good example of a matter best left to the states to decide," Elliott Bundy said about the pro-abortion mayor's views."

So how many people out there still cling to the idea that McGavick was "moderate" on abortion and would have helped stem the tide of pro-abortion legislation?


Anonymous said...

Good catch, Mary. While the views of a campaign staffer aren't necessarily the same as those of the candidate they represent, Bundy consistently works for pro-abortion Republicans as if there's no other kind, and consistently finds himself defending their positions. That either indicates his own views or if not, would certainly have an impact over that amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Mary: I don't think there is a Republican out there who is pro-life that could win the nomination for President let alone the presidency.

Basically, Republican politicians do NOT care that millions of the pre-born have been and continue to be murdered. It's not a priroty to them. They know that if they are zealous about protecting the unborn, their political careers will not last long.

The only way we are going to overturn Roe v. Wade and save the innocents from murder is to change one heart and one mind at a time.