Thursday, June 07, 2007

Second Washington Abortion Mill Closes

The Aradia abortion mill in downtown Seattle closed at the end of January. Now Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia has closed its doors. For years this mill advertised that they would abort an unborn child up to 22 weeks. They are now closed thanks to Show the Truth.

Show the Truth educates the public with graphic pictures of aborted babies, thus bypassing censorship of the reality of "pro-choice". Their primary outreach is to those who are directly affected by abortion.

If you'd like to help Show the Truth, you can participate in one of their peaceful prayerful tours or make a financial donation.

God bless you.

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Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!! I am so I am doing a happy dance. I am praying for the abortionists and their staff - they truly are lost. When their hearts are filled with the truth they will no longer be able to do harm to one other person, born or unborn.

Praise God that Show the Truth is able to make a difference...note that they will not engage in civil disobedience... ( - :