Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad at Science. Great at Math.

Giving new meaning to the word brazen, Planned Parenthood has spent the most recent legislative session lobbying for even more money for the state's largest chain of abortion centers.
It's not enough that Planned Parenthood affiliates across Washington already receive close to $15 million from state and federal tax moneys. Nor is it enough that Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (PPWW) makes a profit of $9 million in contraceptive sales each year. And let’s ignore the fact that all Washington Planned Parenthood branches have seen their revenues soar and coffers swell in recent years under the state’s Take Charge program. (In 2002 Planned Parenthood of Western Washington was listed as the fourth richest Planned Parenthood in the entire nation.)

Now they want another $8 million for their so-called "family planning" programs. Anyone with the eyes to see knows these programs are nothing more than gateway services to PP's higher priced abortion services where they can really make a killing.

As first reported here, PPWW has been growing its abortion business by 11% a year, at the same time as reaching new records in revenues, size, and clients reached with their “prevention” programs. These programs also appear to target the flood of immigrants who are coming to our state looking for work. Many of them are alone, unable to speak English and especially vulnerable to exploitation from organizations like Planned Parenthood.

When we asked PPWW spokesman Brian Cutler to produce a study showing a correlation with their programs and activities in this state and a reduction in teen pregnancy rates and/or abortion rates, he was unable to do so.

I guess Christine Charbonneau’s quarter million dollar a year salary just isn't enough to get by on in high priced Seattle. (She is the sixth highest paid CEO of a non-profit in the Seattle area.)

They've also decided that pimping out Washington teens to pester elected officials like John Ahern (R-Spokane) for the $8 million is a good use of class time. In a pot calling the kettle black story, Wesley Wilhelm, the parent of one of the teens accused Rep. Ahern of being "abusive" and asked that Ahern be investigated and punished for a "complete lack of human decency." I hate to break the bad news to Mr. Wilhelm but...

Representative Ahern asks a good question we wish these "civic-minded" teens would try to get the answer to because Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest (PPINW) doesn't seem to want to tell anyone: How many unborn babies has PPINW aborted anyway? We have asked them this question ourselves and will let you know if an answer is forthcoming.


chimakuni said...

ME - you slay me..."PP's higher priced abortion services where they can really make a killing"

I think that is the quote of the year!

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Mary E. said...

Glad to hear from you!!