Friday, October 10, 2008

Winning is Easy

It's writing a blog that's hard.

Or so it would seem from the slipshod coverage of the 40 Days for Life Campaign from Planned Parenthood's roving activist "Emily X". The creepy, back-alley, assasin-on-the run style blog "I am Emily X" finally got around to covering the Everett Campaign.

Telling the truth also seems to be to difficult for Planned Parenthood.

We have seen no one with an umbrella, yellow or otherwise.
We have seen no one with a vest, yellow or otherwise.
There has not been one "graphic poster".

Short notice? The schedule has been posted on-line for several weeks.

As part of their "Pledge-a-Protester" campaign she also lists "Protesters: 7". How could anyone trust that number after all the other lies in the post.

If you are a "Pledge-a-Protester" supporter and want to make sure Planned Parenthood is telling you the truth about how many "protesters" were out on the day Emily X claims to have been there, email me and we'll get you the correct number.

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Michelle McIntyre said...

Finally saw some escorts yesterday in their yellow vests. Two grandmotherly ladies who mostly stood there and chatted with each other the whole time. They didn't "escort" anyone from the partking lot.