Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Planned Parenthood Attempts to Open Clinic in Pasco

Many of our readers may already be aware of Planned Parenthood of Central Washington's attempt to sneak another clinic into Eastern Washington. The target this time: Pasco, Washington.

A meeting of the Planning Commission was held June 18th. (See report below.)

The citizens of Pasco and through out the state are rallying to keep Planned Parenthood OUT of Pasco. You can keep up to date with the events, hearings and rallys at a new blog that has been launched -- Protect Our Pasco.

We are in contact with many of the concerned citizens in Pasco and will keep you up-to-date at AIW and on the Protect Our Pasco site as more information is available.

Below is a report from Jim Toth of the Knights of Columbus in Pasco about the hearing before the Planning Commission:

The Knights of Columbus learned about a scheduled public hearing at Pasco City Hall via a website news article. The Pasco city web site confirmed the hearing for a special permit for a new facility in Pasco. The facility was to be operated by Planned Parenthood of Central Washington (PPCW). The hearing was scheduled for June 18th at 7 PM. The announcement on the web site indicated that all property owners within 300 ft of the proposed facility received a copy of the notice which was woefully inadequate in view of the decision of this import. PPCW already operates a facility in Kennewick. The Kennewick facility performs over 400 chemical, medical and surgical abortions each year. Contributing to the importance of the hearing was that the proposed PPCW facility is adjacent to Mark Twain Elementary school.

The point is that PPCW wished to establish a satellite facility in Pasco. Even if they claim to perform no abortions, there is every likelihood that the counseling conducted there will increase the number of abortions at their existing facility in Kennewick, and as far as anyone knows, there is nothing that would preclude performing abortions in Pasco. The 400 abortions performed in Kennewick represents an entire high school class. The Tri-Cities does not need any more abortions or pro-abortion counseling centers. The Knights took it upon themselves to publicize the hearing by distributing flyers throughout the community.

About 200 residents of Pasco attended the hearing and voiced their opposition to the permit. The hearing began at 7:30 and ended at 10:30. Everyone who attended did not speak, but a petition opposing the permit was circulated throughout the meeting for residents to sign. Promoters of the permit wore pink T-shirts and as was shown on the front page of the Tri-City Herald on June 19th, the promoters were outnumbered by Pasco residents by about a factor of seven. Those who promoted approval of the permit included employees, directors and agents of PPCW.

Those opposing the permit included psychologists, teachers, parents, engineers, scientists, physical therapists, high school students, junior high school students, business owners, accountants, real estate developers, new Pasco residents, ministers, architects, attorneys, physicians and nurses.

The Knights are proud to oppose, by peaceful means, all efforts to expand abortion in our great community.

James Toth
Washington State Council
Knights of Columbus


chimakuni said...

WAY TO GO, Knights!!! I am glad that this abortion center is not to be - at least not now...

Thanks for blogging on it.

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