Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro-Life U.S. Senate Candidate Forum to be Held February 12, 2010

Moderated by Michelle McIntyre of Life of the Party

Co-sponsored by Abortion in Washington

Friday, February 12 at 7 PM
Everett PUD
2320 California Street
Everett, WA 98201-3750

Doors open at 6:30. Seats are limited. RSVP today!


If you are a Washington voter for whom the Right to Life is paramount, come and help decide who Patty Murray’s challenger should be!

Five candidates are actively campaigning for the Republican nomination: Art Coday, Clint Didier, Sean Salazar, Chris Widener, and Craig Williams. Each of them have been invited and will be asked, before a pro-life audience, the tough questions about how they will advocate restoring the unalienable Right to Life.

Washington State has been under the thumb of pro-abortion-choice senators (from both sides of the aisle) for nearly 40 years. Will 2010 be the year that changes? Only if serious pro-lifers get active in the process of determining the Republican nominee!

Come and see for yourself! Determine which of these candidates you can enthusiastically support if any. Get informed and then attend your Republican Precinct Caucus the next morning, Saturday, February 13 at 10 AM (See your county Republican Party website for details). The precinct caucuses are the beginning of the convention process. Republicans come together and elect delegates to the county convention, at which, they elect delegates to the state convention. At the state convention in June, the elected delegates will have the power to nominate the Republican challenger to Patty Murray.

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