Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ballard High School 'Secret Abortion Program' Creates National Firestorm

Here's a quick summary of links to some of the coverage of this story from around the nation...

KOMO News 1350 comments

Seattle Times 360 comments

Seattle PI 700 comments

Ken Schram (KOMO News) (323 comments)

FoxNews (Dan Springer Blog) 29 comments

FoxNews (LiveShots) 61 comments

FoxNews (Shep Smith)

FoxNews (Megyn Kelly)

Bill O'Reilly 100 pages of comments

ABC News 307 comments


Cecilia said...

I think that parents should be notified in the majority of cases. They should be able to stop the abortion if they, or the child, don't want it.

Granted that some parents are cruel, hateful, or abusive towards their children. These parents don't deserve the same rights that loving and caring parents do. Perhaps a Crisis Pregnancy Center can point girls from abusive or hostile families to alternative housing.

But in no case should abortion be done on the sly. There is too much chance for a girl to be browbeaten or coerced into an abortion that she really does NOT want.
If such coercion isn't considered a human rights violation, it should be.

I wonder if the girl from Ballard High School was coerced. I wonder how much pressure the staff put on her to get her to submit.
Yes, in her case, her mother should have been told ahead of time.

Terra Mork said...

Wow! Let's keep the firestorm burning!