Monday, May 31, 2010

Clint Didier: Clear Choice for Pro-life Voters

Michelle McIntyre at Life of the Party has endorsed Clint Didier for US Senate in Washington.

Clint has already been endorsed by Sarah Palin.

I agree with Michelle that pro-lifers would come to be very dissapointed in Dino if he were elected Senator. No doubt many pro-lifers will continue to support Dino in spite of Michelle's spot-on analysis and critique of Dino's statements on abortion, but the fact is that Clint Didier is the 100% pro-life candidate. Dino is not.  Clint would actually help to move the ball down the field on pro-life concerns. Dino appears apathetic.

That's going to be hard for Dino's fan club to hear but it needs to be said. Hats off to Michelle for having the guts to say it knowing that she'll probably be vilified by the GOP establishment and some pro-lifers.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the post, Mary! But I have to tell you, so far, the feedback has been very positive from former Dino supporters. They are beginning to see now.