Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Pro-life Organization in Washington Issues "Reality Check" on Dino Rossi and Pro-lifers

Washington Life Coalition, a new pro-life organization in Washington state, has produced their first video titled "Little Emily" to take on politicians who indentify a "pro-life" but then claim that abortion in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother is ok.

Their first subject is much beloved politician Dino Rossi (R) who is running for Patty Murray's senate seat.

Watch the video here:

And web site here: http://www.washingtonlifecoalition.com/

For too long politicians have been able to garner support from pro-lifers even though they support abortion in the case of so-called "hard cases" -- rape, incest, and life of the mother.

This is a welcome reality check on the "pro-life" politicians and the pro-lifers who support them.


Bob Qat said...
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Bob Qat said...

Washington Life Coalition is being disingenuous. They present their complaint about Dino Rossi, and offer no comparison to Patty Murray's staunchly pro-abortion stance. Murray's position certainly is anathema to the pro life position.

According to dontknowdino.com, Mr Rossi "wants to take away a woman's right to choose...."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Qat is unfamiliar with the meaning of the word disingenuous. It denotes insincerety or lack of candor.
There is very, very, clearly no lack of sincerety in the video.
Mr. Qat is, apparently, unhappy that the video does not target Patty Murray.
Perhaps Mr. Qat is unaware that we are about to have a primary election and the Pro-Life community will be choosing its representative for the General Election.
Or, perhaps Mr. Qat is unfamiliar with the Declaration of Independence that uses only the word "inalienable" to modify the "rights" among which are "life," not "inalienable except in the case of rape or incest."
Or, perhaps Mr. Qat is being disingenuous for the benefit of Mr. Rossi?

Bob Qat said...

"Little Emily," the pre-born? The ad is maudlin, not sincere. That is unless you believe you can channel the pre-born like John Edwards does. The ad uses emotion to mask the fact that it is exactly disingenuous - "lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness," or "not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating."

As for your remark about the Declaration's reeference to the right to life, consider this. According to Rasmussenreports.com, Clint Didier places at 40% against Murray at 48%. Not an insurmountable lead, but not a good disadvantage. Yes, I back Rossi, because he has a far improved right-to-life position over Murray, and he has an even chance against her in the polls (47%-47%). Mr Rossi will promote promulgation of better policy than Murray, so we might be able to save innocent lives.

If Mr Didier shows a surge in the polls and places above Mr Rossi, I will switch my support (and donations) to him. We must stop the mayhem, one life at a time.

Mary E. said...

Mr. Qat --
The pre-born child has been an abstraction for too long. The ad makes logical conclusions based on what we observe about children in everyday life. No channeling required!
In addition, the fact that children conceived in rape are just as alive and just as human as those who are not conceived that way should not make them a target of politicians and the public.
Yes, it is an emotional ad but it is truthful. Yes, the ad is provocative but we were careful not to embellish the facts.
Yes, Murray is a radical who takes advantage of the vast indifference to abortion but at least she has the courage of her convictions. Can we say the same for Rossi considering his statements to date?
We are in the primary now. May the best man win!

John Leslie said...

"I back Rossi, because he has a far improved right-to-life position over Murray, and he has an even chance against her in the polls (47%-47%)."

This is precisely the problem. POLITICS. It seems we have accepted that politics trumps principle. I for one have had enough of it and will not vote politically any more. Even if the result is a loss.

Never again!

Bob Qat said...

Mr Leslie makes an interesting point of "No compromises," which he calls political. Yep.

Its disappointing to make a compromise on the life of an innocent, especially when the compromise is innocence dies.

Truly, why does government even get involved in these things in the first place? Society is so corrupted because we the people have sat on our hands.

Change must come from within. Talk morality with everyone you meet. Risk being boring for the life of others.

For the record, Clint Didier is doing well in the polls. Good.