Wednesday, October 27, 2010

King County Public Health Hires Doctor who "Loves" Doing Abortions

You may recall that King County's Public Health Department was recently embroiled in controversy because it was revealed that they had helped a teenage Ballard High School student get an abortion without her parents' knowledge.

After that story broke across the country, TJ Cosgrove, spokesman for KC Public Health, stunned the nation by saying he was completely unapologetic about the incident. He added insult to injury by adding that the girl's mother should have known this could happen when she had signed a general waiver allowing emergency medical treatment and transportation.

We have since learned more about KC Public Health's radical pro-abortion agenda. It seems that each year for the last several years they have hired one of the region's most outspoken and enthusiastic late-term abortionist as their primary "Family Planning" contracted physician.

Dr. Deboray Oyer owns and operates Aurora Medical Services, which does abortions up to 19 weeks of pregnancy. Those are fully formed, thumb-sucking babies.

And in this blog, an undercover reporter revealed that Dr. Oyer is not one of these abortionists who casts abortion as a necessary, exceptional tragedy. No, she openly says that she loves abortion, and she loves doing abortions. She did not, however, indicate which part of the abortion she enjoys the most: is it ripping off the arms, severing the legs, crushing the skull, or is it looking in the eyes of the little babies as they finally expire? She didn't say.

Either way, we have confirmed that King County Public Health selected Dr. Oyer out of all the possible physicians in the region to be their on-call specialist for "family planning" consultations. Her latest annual contract goes until the end of 2010, but this is the third year she has been awarded the contract.

The value of the contract is a "maximum of $15,000 for the year, @ $125 per hour, not to exceed 120 hours in the year."

From the official duties involved in the contract, it didn't seem that she would actually be killing babies for King County, but rather her duties would be focused on getting women on birth control at the county's 10 public health clinics.

King County claimed Dr. Oyer wasn't selected based on her background as a full-time professional abortionist, but rather on her general 'expertise' with birth control.

It's not clear what Oyer's interest in the contract is besides the money, but it may be worth noting that in a short piece on the "Physicians for Reproductive Choice" website, Oyer admits that
"[People] need to know that more than half of the women who have abortions were using contraception in the month in which they got pregnant."

This fact, of course, completely destroys the ubiquitous argument amongst the useful idiots in our culture who argue that getting everyone on birth control represents some sort of common ground between pro-lifers and the abortion industry, but we'll leave that for another time.

Also, if you look at official figures for failure rates for birth control methods amongst 18-19 year olds, 14% of oral contraceptive users will have an unplanned pregnancy within 2 years, and fully 28% of condom users will have an unplanned baby.

Take these numbers together, and you can be forgiven for wondering if Oyer's involvement in getting young women on the birth control express may be a subversive way of guaranteeing her abortion clinic a constant stream of paying customers.

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