Thursday, December 16, 2010

How bad is it?

If the goverment can make a person sell something.

And the government can also make someone else buy something.

Does that mean the government can force people to sell abortions and other people to buy them?

Just asking.


Bob Qat said...

I suspect your intent is to show that government has become too powerful. The proper role of government is to promote the quality and advancement of human life, not to subsidize its extermination. You see, in the final form of hyper-government, there is postpartum abortion for holding politically incorrect views.

MaryE said...

Hi Bob
Well, I didn't have any particular intent in mind. Just making an observation and wondering what other people thought.
I suppose there are somethings the governement should ensure are for sale.
The proper role of government is to help man achieve his final destiny in God. And, as you say, not his extermination.
Yes, we do seem to be moving into government sponsored 4th term abortions.