Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Planned Parenthood Bellevue Slammed by Client for Horrible Treatment

The following is a review posted on Google Reviews by someone identifying themselves as "Yuna Kim". We are not able to provide independent corroboration at this time. This review was of Planned Parenthood in Bellevue, Washington.

Even though I fully support Planned Parenthood, some of these people have put me through a lot and made me feel reeeaaally really guilty for needing birth control. 

Im not sure if I spoke with someone from the Bellevue location or maybe someone from a help center of some sort, but I called yesterday morning to ask a couple questions. I gave the woman over the phone a very veeery bad, brief version of my situation which was; I missed my depo appointment at the beginning of the month and had unprotected sex at the end of the month. I wrongly assumed I didn't have to go through how this happened and justify my mistakes because I expected the staff at Planned Parenthood to be respectful and understanding. However the woman I spoke with got furious with me. She started yelling at some points, cutting me off while talking, asking condescending and rhetorical questions like "well what do you THINK is gonna happen!?". I was asking for clarifications on how my Depo shot works and she kept barking "I dont know WHERE you got this INFO but you are WRONG!" At the end of the conversation I was in tears and asked "what did you say your name was again?". She paused for a second and then hung up. If I went into details of how I got in this situation, I would have explained to her how it wasn't consentual and how the reason I never got my shot was because the clinic messed up my scheduling and was also rude about it. I didn't want to explain this. But if I did maybe she would've treated me like a human being. 

Planned Parenthood staff, if someone reads this, please contact me. I don't feel comfortable using your services right now. I need it, but I feel attacked for something that wasn't entirely in my control. And even if it was, there is no excuse to belittle your clients for using your services.

This was posted 2 months ago. 

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