Thursday, November 30, 2006

Seller of Abortion Products Dupes NYT Reporter in "Illegal" Abortion Story

On April 9, New York Times reporter Jack Hitt produced what may be called a 'hit piece' against the pro-life movement in El Salvador. The piece, laden with scare tactics, culminates in his tale of woe of a woman who he says had an illegal abortion when she was 18 weeks pregnant and was sentenced to thirty years in prison. The only problem with the story is that the woman was found guilty of strangling her full-term baby shortly after her birth.

The other problem is that the organization feeding the false story to the NYT was none other than a seller and distributor of abortion-related products named IPAS. IPAS's product line includes vacuum aspirators, cannulae, dialators, and anatomical pelvic models for the training of abortionists.

It also sells the Denniston Dialators, created by Seattle abortionist, early supporter/founder of Planned Parenthood of Snohomish county, anti-circumcision activist and author, anti-Catholic bigot, malthusian, and possibly anti-semitic George C. Denniston. We'll just call him a nut for short.

This nut George Denniston is also an assistant clinical professor at the UW and president of Population Dynamics in Seattle, WA and a fan of forced starvation and state sponsored catastrophe to promote population control.

It comes down to this. Either we don't increase food supply now, so that population levels off soon, limited as it inevitably is by the food that sustains people, or we keep on adding to the food supply as we have done every year in the past 10,000 years; and when we can no longer keep up with the vertical population growth, we experience overshoot and collapse, with a sudden massive die-off of at least 10 billion people.

If we were to succeed in limiting food before that happened, we might be able to level off and then gradually lose population through the natural deaths of all those living, until we finally reach a population size that the world can sustain.

This may be the most humane way to deal with the present problem, but the attitudes to achieve it are not yet present among the people who could carry this out.

Dr. Denniston is also responsible for at least one botched legal abortion:

Denniston has performed many abortions and sterilizations without complications at comparatively low cost, but he has also made mistakes. A major cause of these mistakes is the attitude of the medical profession toward abortions specifically, and women in general. Doctors who perform abortions are part of a profession that has not yet accepted abortion as a woman's right. Most doctors see abortion only as a way to control population growth.
Despite the above writer's assertion above that abortion is a "woman's right", now might be a good time to remind pro-choice readers, fellow travellers ("I'm not pro-abortion!") and useful idiots at blogs like Sound Politics that abortion is not about women's rights, or choosing the woman over the fetus, or even freedom. It is about the right of those like Dr. Denniston to profit off the killing of unborn children. To people like Dr. Denniston women are completely beside the point.

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Anonymous said...

Denniston and his ilk think that they will live forever and therefore have to kill off those who might threaten their longevity by depriving them of food and their green forests. Of course, they WILL live in eternity and they will suffer the consequences of being hateful and of murder.

Nut? Idiot? No - but a person in need of deep prayer...for Denniston is beloved of God, even if he has lost track of love for God.

Let us pray for his and others like him - blessings