Thursday, November 02, 2006

Women sue companies over popular birth control patch

Now you know.


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing that we women have bought into the lie that taking extra hormones will benefit us - God made us pretty wonderfully and to add insult to our bodies is just plain dumb. I am not including those who need medical intervention - but I am addressing those who attempt to prevent pregnacy by means of chemical hormones.

Just reading the caution on the prescripton package should be enough to back anyone away from this garbage.

My seventeen cents worth...

Mary E. said...

I agree. Same goes with preventing pregnancy by surgical means. My doctor offered to sterilize me after I had my first child. I don't hear a lot of doctors offering to castrate men and if they did they'd probably be hauled in front of the board of health. For some reason it is women who are supposed to mutilate their bodies and pump themselves full of chemicals.