Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thanks for the Free Abortion, Mr/Mrs Taxpayer (2006 numbers just in)

DSHS just released the latest numbers for the total number of abortions they paid for with your and my money for State Fiscal Year 2006. You paid for 13,830 abortions at an average cost of $546, for a total of $7,554,501.

Here is the table from 2000 on. (Column 3 is average cost.)
2000 11,281 $6,369,252 $565
2001 12,397 $7,332,227 $591
2002 13,124 $8,205,061 $625
2003 13,714 $8,288,267 $604
2004 14,165 $7,001,498 $494
2005 13,738 $6,823,267 $497
2006 13,830 $7,554,501 $546

The proportion of all abortions paid for by the taxpayer has risen from 40% about 10 years ago to 55% in 2005. Total abortions for 2006 are not yet released so the percentage change can not yet be calculated.

Here is the data in visual form.


Christina Dunigan said...

For all their claims that they don't want the government involved, they're awfully delighted to take tax money.

Y'all need an ad campaign with pictures of aborted babies labeled, "Your Tax Dollars at Work."

Anonymous said...

Too true, Grannygrump. All these little ones that have done not one thing against this country, to be murdered in cold blood by this country. It is a crying out loud down the back alley shame.

Anonymous said...

Think if all these unwanted fetuses (fetusi?) were born. Many of those kids would be neglected, and would lead a life of crime, costing Americans money. Thus, we SAVED money by paying for the abortions now.

Michelle McIntyre said...

Give me some of those unwanted babies. I'll give them a home and take good care of them.