Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are the Democrats in Olympia Protecting Sexual Predators?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
What 10 year old made that video up??
Um, why didn't Sue just tell the doctor she didn't want an abortion? Dems aren't protecting sexual predators. Sheesh! The boy AND the doctor would be arrested if they forced an abortion on someone. You can make a compelling argument against the bill without resorting to blatant, pathetic lying, for crying out loud.

Imagine this one:
"Republicans in Olympia are Protecting Sexual Predators"
Sue's dad regularly rapes and beats his daughter. Sue's boyfriend Dan cares dearly about her welfare, but knows that if her father found out she was dating, he might kill Sue. Sue and Dan have sex and Sue becomes pregnant. Sue, age 17, goes to the abortion clinic. The doctor informs her dad. When Sue goes home, her dad rapes her and strangles her.

^^The above example is just the other side of yours.

Michelle McIntyre said...


Would it make you feel better if the title of this post included Republicans? Afterall, this is a bipartisan bill.

Haven't you ever heard of statutory rape? If we can consider "consensual" sex between an adult and a minor to be a form of rape, due to the understanding that a minor lacks the maturity and strength to say no to someone more powerful than she is, why doesn't it follow that a minor can lack the strength and maturity to be able to resist pressure to have an abortion from an abusive abortion and a clinician who is eager to provide the abortion?

The scenario in the video illustrates a young girl reaching out for help in a subtle way, the boldest she can be in the presence of her abusive boyfriend, by asking, "Don't you need permission from my parents?" Why would you put more trust in the statutory rapist and the abortionist than you would in the parents who most likely love her?

Michelle McIntyre said...

abusive boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Well, first, I would feel better if it didn't just say "Democrats" if it applies to Republicans as well.

I have a few problems with the logic of this: first, if she wants to talk to her parents, why doesn't she just talk to her parents? What, a girl can't ask her parents something unless law enforcement compels her to do so? It makes no sense at all.

Second, why can't she trust her doctor? There may be doctors willing to perform abortions, but I doubt there are any who are "eager" to do it. If a doctor truly straps her down and performs the operation against her will, that's illegal on its own. A parental notification law wouldn't stop such a predator any more than rape laws or murder laws or assault laws do now.

This bill only protects girls who have a reason to fear parental notification. If the girl would want to notify her parents, she quite obviously can still do that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous - I was forced, yes forced to have an abortion at the age of 18. I told my parents and their reaction was for me to undergo a procedure that killed my child.

To think that a person cannot be forced to have an abortion or can just tell someone "no" is extremely naive.

Most abortions are done due to coercion or force. Trust me - I know many women who were coerced and/or forced.

Since the killing of innocent children is not illegal, no jury is going to do anything about coerced killing, heck, it would not even make it to court!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
First, you obviously have no problem with the assembly-line slaughter of millions of innocent people. Most Democrats don't. But you know, however faintly, if you still have any trace of a conscience, that it is wrong. That's probably why you are anonymous. The minor child is no different, but she also knew that the sex was wrong and feels deep guilt about it. She is inclined to the abortion for the same reason people are inclined to lie when confronted with something they did wrong that has consequences. There is a strong urge to cover up guilt.

The boyfriend has self-serving motivation to commit this act. The abortionist (who has had extensive experience searing his conscience to commit the murders that preceded this one) not only has no morality remaining, he has a financial motivation to commit this act, just like any used car salesman.

The girl's parents, by contrast, love her. They are good people and taught her not to have premarital sex. That's why it is so hard for her to face them. She feels so guilty. She wants to spare them the pain. She doesn't know how they will react (that is very common for everyone who is caught doing something they know is wrong). These are (since they are loving parents) the ones who have punished her in the past.

This, the new mother, is their child. They have a right, as God's chosen protectors of this poor girl, to be notified. They would hold and console her. They would help her. They would love the new baby. But the girl doesn't know this and she wants everything to go away. The boy and the abortionist tell her that can happen.
If she submits to their will, however, it will NEVER go away. She will see that child in her mind on her own death bed if she lives to be 90 and she will weep uncontrollably. She may never have another child. Many are sterilized by abortion procedures. She man die. Those parents, that the majority Democrats, and turncoat Republicans cut off from saving their own daughter will weep uncontrollably. Those slimy, self-serving, murderous politicians will face God one day and they will answer for that grief. The grief of the grandparents. The grief of the girl. The pain of the baby, tortured to death in the womb.
But here's something you might not have thought about. This is a democratic Republic with free speech. Supporting this anti-family clandestine cover for homicide, because all public support sustains the acts of elected legislators, is a seperate act of evil for which you, too, assume guilt. And for which, one way or the other, you will answer.
Bless your dirty heart.