Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gregoire No Show at NARAL Fundraiser

Speculation abounds as to why Gov. Christine Gregoire was not in attendance at this morning's Power of Choice breakfast at the Seattle Sheraton to raise money for pro-abortion candidates.

She was the keynote speaker afterall.

About 35 pro-lifers were out in force to remind the folks who were in attendance what "choice" is all about. There were seveal "thank yous" and thumbs-up from drivers and passers-by. Employees of the Seattle Police Department and the Sheraton were supportive of the pro-lifers.

Many of the pro-abortion politicians in attendance exited from back doors so as to avoid the graphic signs and public shaming.

More later...

Update May 31: Senator Maria Cantwell stood in for Gregoire at the event, which raised over $52,000 for pro-abortion candidates. Will your representative receive some of this money?

The pro-lifers were lined in the front of the Sheraton and two blocks on either side. The grande dame of Seattle's pro-abortion political and media elite, Karen Cooper of NARAL, exited through a front side entrance and came face to face with the graphic signs. (The woman in black appeared to be with the event.)

Fr. Ed Bloom of Holy Family parish was interviewed by a reporter.

The most common comment made by pro-abortionists to the pro-lifers was, "You should be ashamed of yourself." I guess being pro-life is just too unfashionable for these folks. Two other pro-abortion women who were waiting for the street sign to change made the comment, "Some people are just really sick," hoping I would over hear them. I did.

Many pro-lifers got up at crack of dawn to attend this event and show their support for unborn babies and their moms. Silent No More Awareness was represented by Nancy Johnson and others who could only be there in prayer. (You know who you are!)

I'll try to get some pictures up in a little while.


Anonymous said...

Mary, my dear, there is no speculation on God's part as to why the esteemed (not my governor) was a no show at the "Power of Choice" (GAG!) breakfast.

I prayed that she would not be there - now, does that make me a good prayer warrior? No - not at all - it means that somehow, someway, I aligned myself with God's Will in all of this. And I am totally surprised!

Thank you for being there with the other pro-life people - for sacrificing sleep and for standing against the deadly 'choice' that these people are determined to chose.

Bless you, bless all of your readers.

Anonymous said...

Mary, thanks for writing this up! It was good that some passers-by were supportive. For the others, it was a lesson in loving our enemies, eh?