Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Youth and Ambition: The Saga of Adam Smith

"Choice" as a euphemism for abortion is so passé that even the abortion lobby admits they need to come up with new words to describe the killing of infants and those who defend the practice. They constantly try on new shades of lipstick, like moderate, personal responsibility, independent, moderate on social issues, defies labels, mainstream, and the like.

So what to make of the Seattle Times calling Adam Smith (WA-D) a "Raging Moderate"?
From reading this article you'd think he was a "mainstream" Republican.

He's also a vice chairman of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of 44 moderate House members who champion economic growth and fiscal responsibility.
Egads! He's a fiscal conserative. Maybe the Mainstreamers can recruit him to switch parties. The rest of you republicans remember what Ronald Reagan said, "My 80-percent friend is not my 20-percent enemy". Whoops. I guess he didn't say that after all.

They don't mention his position on abortion, which is anything but moderate. He's never met an abortion he didn't like and has a 100% pro-abortion voting record. He supports partial birth abortion, doesn't believe in parental notification or informed consent. Yet, his web site doesn't even mention this unbridled support for abortion and he had the nerve to tell voters in his district he "doesn't like abortion."

Maybe his constituents don't have the same enthusiasm for abortion as he does.

He's writing a book called "Youth and Ambition."
It's about a young man who wants desperately to make a difference, to make his mark on the world, and is desperately afraid he won't be able to," said Smith, explaining the book and himself in one sharp bite.
I guess when you're young and ambitious you aren't going to let non-voters get in your way.

How sad that this man who was conceived when innocent human life was still protected under law, and given to his uncle and aunt for love and care after his birth can't see that he is in the midst of the greatest human rights struggle the world has ever know; a struggle that is begging for people -- of any age or station in life -- to make their mark and make a lasting contribution to the common humanity of us all. Most likely history will pass Adam Smith by. His only legacy will be page in a book of historical wannabes who tried to made their mark by taking blood money to further their own pragmatic and empty agendas.

(Photo: Adam Smith leaving NARAL abortion lobby fundraiser at Seattle Sheraton May, 30, 2007 to fund more politicians to fund more abortion.)

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Anonymous said...

Adam Smith - you can shield your eyes from us but you cannot shield yourself from God.

We, the prolife community have heard your name - we are praying for you...

Bless You Mary and the rest of you wonderful men and women who sacrificed and went early, early this morning to the Sheraton in Seattle to give another side to "choice".