Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Help Cure the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Seattle PI this week posted an article and an editorial discussing post-abortion syndrome (PAS). As one would expect, the editorial was the more offensive of the two simply because it washed away any pretense of objectivity or fairness that the "news" article attempted to convey. The PI's editorial Abortion: A disease it's not was snide, filled with bigotry, and lacking in any compassion for women who do suffer after abortion. One is left with the glaring truth that many in the city have long recognized about the PI's editorial board: They care more about abortion than they do about women.

They attack Christians and the Catholic Church for making-up the term, "post-abortion syndrome" but seem ignorant of the fact that Christians did not make up that term. It is a fact, however, that Christians are the ones helping women over come the pain and grief of abortion; sometimes pulling them back from the brink of suicide.

I imagine it must be hard for a newspaper that has actively and aggressively sold abortion to the women of Washington for over 35 years to come to grips with the role they've played in this injustice.

Other great ideas that Christians have come up with: do unto others, do not kill, blessed are the peacemakers, speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Did you ever think that maybe those Christians are on to something?

We don't claim to know what ails the writers at the Seattle PI that would cause them to suspend all critical thinking abilities, deny compassion and support to women, and attack those who have not been lucky enough to escape the pain of abortion, but we wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with abortion. Maybe even something called chronic pro-abortion blindness.


Christina Dunigan said...

Birth Story posted a snippet of the editorial. All I can say is, "Feel the love!"

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I wonder what they would say to the pro-choice (supposedly neutral) afterabortion.com which assures readers that Post-Abortion Syndrome is real and can happen no matter how pro-choice or unregretful you are. And I don't think anyone ever used the term "disease" anyway. Emotional reactions and trauma are a bit different from a disease, right?

Mary E. said...

I never thought of afterabortion as pro-choice but you are right about the use of the term "disease". PAS is a condition rather than a disease.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I did judge the afterabortion.com website too quickly. It is just so difficult to be truly neutral about this issue. And they do have some good info on PAS. I certainly don't want to offend anyone who was helped by the site.