Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seattle PI: A Blight on our City

Women who are suffering after an abortion will recieve no support from Seattle's media, especially the rabidly pro-abortion Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The editorial board is composed of nothing but snide, ignorant ostriches who refuse to pull their heads out of the sand.

Here's the best response we've heard to their desperate attempt to continute their banal defence of abortion.

Oh man!!! I am a post abortive woman. I also work with women who have had
abortions and men who have been fathers to the children. For the PI to write such an biased article is amazing.

I had a choice...and what was the choice? The choice was to kill my child. That was the choice. I had no regrets for years and years and years.

THEN, one day I saw a fetal model of what my child looked liked when I had him aborted. Talk about shock! Talk about regret!

Did I come to that with Project Rachel's information? No, I came to that regret all by myself and I understood for the first time in 20 years that I had been a party to the taking of a human life. A life that had been created within me.

People, you can write all the rhetoric you want - you can call life 'fetus' which is Latin for "little one" and you can deny all you want...that is your right.

However, there are many women who do regret having had an abortion and there are many women who do suffer emotionally from having had an abortion. There are also women who do not suffer, as I did not, for 20 years...

I do believe that those who castigate us who are working to help women and men are themselves trying desperately NOT to deal with having been part of the taking of human life. The involvement may be as simple as not saying anything when a friend comes and tells you that they will have an abortion all the way to having an abortion.

The good news is that when the anger is over and the denial is gone, Rachel's Vineyard (which are the retreats) and Project Rachel, (which is NOT Rachel's Vineyard but one on one counseling) will be here - be here without judgment and without condemnation.

Bless you all - Lee Anne

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Anonymous said...

When they can't slant the news they publish fiction instead. The Seattle PI has been nothing more than a leftist propaganda vehicle for more than thirty years.