Monday, October 08, 2007

Be it Resolved That...

RESOLVED, the Washington State Medical Association is completely corrupt and without merit.

RESOLVED, that the WSMA has been and remains in the thrall of the culture of death, population controllers, eugenicists, and abortion industry for some time now.

RESOLVED, that the public is urged to call a spade a spade and let the state's witch doctors know what they think about their insane and stupid "resolutions," namely:

  • Stop trying to make a buck at the expense of our children's health. Eleven and twelve year old girls should not be receiving the Merck HPV vaccine, especially in light of the 11 deaths and approximately 4,000 adverse reports.
  • We will not let you get your jollies by "talking sex" with our kids. Keep the state's perverted doctors away from "counseling" our young girls on sex, contraceptives and abortion.
  • Quit trying to find new ways to kill us, specifically by, empowering First Responders to withhold resuscitation under appropriate circumstances.
  • You aren't fooling us with your falsely named "End of Life Concensus Coalition," which is just a front group for the WSMA's demons of death.
Finally Let it Be Resolved that the Washington State Medical Association has very little to do with medicine and is nothing but a bunch of quacks.


Anonymous said...

It is the obligation of all men of good will to mark the enemies of civilization. These, the heirs of the medical philosophy of the Third Reich, you have justly marked. Let all take notice. Thanks, Mary!

Mary E said...

Indeed! It also been reported that at their meeting this last weekend the "doctors" voted to deny the right of conscience to physicians so that they must refer for abortion, sterilization, contraception etc.
Though they did not make an official statement, the vote is and document is on file that physicians must refer for these anti-human procedures and drugs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a slight name change is in order. Of course, given King County's expensive experience with changing their name to Don King county (or was it Rodney King?) it would be helpful if the WSMA could keep the same logo and intials (web address, etc.). So I suggest they could change to:
the WASHINGTON STATE MENGELE ASSOCIATION, in honor of one of the early pioneers of their emerging philosophy.