Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion

Mike "Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right" Bloomberg is being sued.
Tanys Lancaster, 38, Jill Patricot, 35, and Janet Loures, 41, filed a motion to join the case brought last week on their behalf by the federal government against the company, alleging discrimination against women who were pregnant or on maternity leave.

I'm not surprised and the claims being make are probably true. Pregnant women, moms and kids get in the way of the bottom line. Despite the rhetoric about "choice", abortion is usually for the benefit of someone else other than the woman. Wake up ladies!


Anonymous said...

Any evidence for this completely unsupported statement?

Specifically who do you think the abortions are benefiting?

Mary E. said...

Did you read the claims that the plaintifs have made? Clearly haveing a pregnant woman around was a bummer for the co-workers and business head honchos.

The biggest supporters of abortion on demand was big business and thus the GOP. They wanted the women in the work force and they didn't want them taking time off to care for newsborns and sick kids. That's just a historical fact.

Oh, but I guess your brain has been pickling in the brine of pro-abortion lies for too long for you to have really taken a look at reality

Who is being "benefited" by abortion?
Wel, there are no health benefits to abortion, so let's think about who could "benefit" from abortion:
Fathers who don't want to pay child support.
Parents who don't want the shame and embarassment.
Doctors who don't want the legal risks.
Husbands with one foot out the door.
Rapists who don't want the evidence.
Abortionists who want the money.
Business owners who don't want to pay for maternity leave and increased insurance rates.
Military recruiters who don't want to miss their recruiting goals.

Can you add to this list?