Saturday, November 03, 2007

Death and Taxes

Friday was day 38 of the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I looked tragedy in the face.

If you haven’t been out to pray at one of the four local locations please come out Sunday. If you aren’t the praying type you can just come see how your tax dollars are being used. You’ll meet lots of women with medical coupons from the state to pay for their abortions. You’ll meet lots of people who aren’t old enough to vote and could care less about politics. If you are so blessed you may look in to the eyes of a woman who decides choose life because you cared enough to be there while the State government and Planned Parenthood thought she should just be vacuumed out and sent back out on to the street.

Maybe you can talk to some of the women. Many of them are very open about their stories and why there are there. They tell you they have no choice.

Maybe you’ll gain some new insights into what’s happening in the state instead of mouthing propaganda about “keeping the government out of our personal lives.” I tried to talk one woman out of an abortion Friday but she said if you are white it is next to impossible to get any money and help from the state. She already has two kids and her little one needs all her attention and she’s stretched to the limit. So the state packs her off to the abortion clinic with a smile but promises in-state tution to children of illegal immigrants.

Maybe there, on the streets of the real world, you’ll start to realize how far the State of Washington is involved in the abortion industry and just how totally clueless are the sycophants of “choice.”

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