Friday, November 16, 2007

Dino Comes out Swinging

I liked Dino Rossi's response to the Seattle Times' David Postman about Federal Judge Leighton's support of the First Amendment and a pharmacist's right to refuse to participate in acts which violate their conscience.

He got the basic facts of the debate correct and took an accurate and well deserved, rather than gratuituous, swipe at Gregoire for her "strong-armed approach." I'd actually describe it the way Seattle Archbishop Alex Brunett did earlier this year -- A society that denies individuals the right to act in accord with their conscience is a dictatorship of the most oppressive sort.

There are important details that got left out -- like the fact that she stacked the pharmacy board with abortion industry insiders, that some of the people advising and working for the pharmacy board and the WSPA are on the payroll of Plan B's manufacturer Barr Laboratories, and that pretty much everyone on the anti-conscience bandwagon was sympathetic to the abortion industry or its manufacturer.

He could have also pointed out that our Republican state attorney general Rob McKenna was AWOL on upholding the Constitution, and I believe to some degree had a hand in the rule that finally came down, but that's my job not Dino's.

It's also interesting to note that the plan the judge approved -- refuse and refer -- is the one that Planned Parenthood initially proposed as a compromise to the board of pharmacy.

All that got left out but short and sweet was probably smart.

Dino says he's not running on this issue. Fine. However, I would caution Dino and his advisors that the media, the Democrats and the abortion industry think that this issue and other "choice" issues are fair game and most likely believe they can use them to defeat Rossi in supposedly "pro-choice" Washington. He might not want to run on them but they will make him run on them, so he'd better be prepared to respond.

My advice -- When the topic comes up make her abortion industry connections and psychopathic support for the people performing the abortions, not the women in crisis pregnancies, an albatross around her neck. Most of her "accomplishments" have been in the area of encouraging more abortion to the detriment of women and their health.

People call themselves pro-choice because they don't like to think they are supporting abortion. You don't want to burst their bubble and make them feel bad about themselves. Remind them that a vote for Gregoire is a vote for abortion not choice.

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