Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Seattle Abortionist Behind Bars

Here's one for the "Quack" file.

The Problems With Dr. Juice: Botched abortions, extortion, steroid trafficking, and a pool table in the exam room were just the beginning.

The pro-abortion Seattle Weekly published an article this week about former abortionist Dr. Howard Levine who was sentenced to prison for almost two years this past February. "Levine had pleaded guilty to a single count of illegal steroid trafficking, one of thousands of mostly Internet-based steroid sales he made to customers across the United States since at least 2004, prosecutors say, including some to undercover bodybuilders from the Drug Enforcement Agency."

Before he was involved in illegal steroid trafficking, Dr. Levine was an abortionist at Women's Health Care Center in Seattle in the early '80s. He only completed study at New York Medical College in Valhalla and was first licensed in 1979 so it would appear that an abortion practice was one of his first stops upon gaining his license.

Things went down hill from there.

In the 90s at "least nine patients accused him of violations ranging from verbal abuse and refusal to don surgical gloves to perforating the uteruses of several patients who later required emergency surgery—in one case, a lifesaving hysterectomy."

By 1999 he and his wife divorced and Dr. Levine turned to homosexual sex, prescribing Viagra over the Internet, and extortion and wire fraud.

Finally, on June 17, 2007, which interestingly is also Father's Day, (A triger date?), "Levine's 20-year-old son called police to the doctor's drug-strewn house on 14th Avenue, where the 58-year-old Levine was threatening suicide. [A] police inventory turned up thousands of pills and drug vials around the house. He wound up in a mental ward, committed for 14 days at Harborview Medical Center. At the hospital, a toxicology screen showed he'd shot meth and swallowed uppers and downers."

Here's what one person left in the Reader Comments box about Dr. Levine:
This article does not BEGIN to tell the story of his crazed behavior. The line "...recently resorted to having sex with multiple partners..." is crazy. Howard was online cruising for sex constantly. He has spent the past decade screwing around with any man he could find, including the porn stars and rentboys he worked with (a missing piece of this article is that Howard provided drugs to dozens of porn stars around the country). He was out at the bars nearly every night of the week trolling for sex.

What. Absolute. Despair.

Even worse, this man doesn't appear to have a friend in the world. The people quoted in the article saying they will stand by him seem clueless about depths of this man's utter darkness and hopelessness. Why did no one stop him from getting into abortion? Or, better yet, who encouraged him to get into the abortion business in the first place? Does he have anyone he can truly confide in? Do the people at NARAL and Planned Parenthood of Western Washington know how badly one of their own is hurting? Do they care?

Abortion kills babies. It hurts women and it hurts abortionists.

Please pray for Dr. Levine.

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chimakuni said...

I would sit with him...I would pray with him...I am praying for him as I type - Lord forgive us our sins...