Sunday, May 04, 2008

Local "Non-Profit" Abortionists: Making a Killing

By Jonathan B.
Below is a listing of the salaries for some of the top employees of Washington's largest chain of abortion centers -- Planned Parentood -- and the Cedar River Clinic. Remember your tax dollars go to pay the salaries of these people, which makes them essentially sub-contractors for the state.

Wow. Look at those numbers! We've got a suggested recruitment tagline for the local abortion industry: "It may be killing, but it's one heck of a living!"

Planned Parenthood of Western Washington
Christine CharbonneauCEO$259,418
R. Campbell McIntyreVP, Med. Affairs$243,626
Michael RomoCOO$206,185
Mary GrinnellCFO$170,705
Lucile K. ArendtVP, Ext Affairs$148,565
Carole WilliamsVP, HR$129,615
Stephen McCallisterVP, IT$119,615
Anna Kaminski**Asst. Med. Dir$118,063

Planned Parenthood of Central Washington
Anna FranksCEO$127,000
Sarah CateMed. Dir.$101,420
Elizabeth BianchiPart Time Abortionist$97,905 (NOTE: This is for just 12 hours a week!)
Karl EastlundCOO$92,700

Planned Parenthood of Spokane
Penny M. PalmerMD/FT$144,102
Elizabeth BianchiPT Abortionist$102,290 (NOTE: Same woman as part time for Central Wa. Hours for Spokane not listed)

Cedar River Clinics
Dr. Robert L. KothenbeutelFull Time Abortionist$327,390
Dr. Charlie BrowneFull Time Abortionist$156,050
Beverly WhippleFounder & CEO$71,346

(**a.k.a. The papaya abortionist.)

Isn't it time to get the profit motive out of the abortion industry? All of the above are "non-profits". Just how much sacrifice do you think is involved for these individuals? Do we really want a society where an individual can make a very comfortable full-time career doing (or arranging) abortions?

NOTE: All salaries include benefit plan contributions, not just salary total compensation. Numbers are from 2005 and 2006. Names in blood red are for those we know or are almost certain are actually involved in bringing beautiful, innocent lives to an end with their own hands.


Anonymous said...

WOW That is abhorrent, revolting, nauseating - and we're helping to PAY FOR IT.

chimakuni said...

And we thought 30 pieces of silver was a sad amount...

This is outrageous! I am so disgusted with the majority of the American public who go about their lives complaining about the cost of oil, the lack of social security benefits, the price of housing ad nauseum and say nothing about the cost of all these babies being slaughtered.

Makes me want to move to the Vatican...think they are taking new citizens?

Anonymous said...

What kind of nonsense is this? "Confidentiality is assured" for the bloggers and invited tipsters, but not for the employees whose names you publicize?

Whichever side of the issue you're on, double standards like this are pathetic. Drop these names, and post your own. Stand behind what you write.

If your views are so questionable that even *you* won't publicly endorse them, perhaps it's time to ask why you bother disseminating them at all.

Mary E. said...

Anonymous --
What? Huh?

Anonymous said...


These people went to MEDICAL SCHOOL.
They make what an OB/GYN would, and perform the most common gynecological procedure. Do these MD's deserve less just simply because idiots like these do not like what they do?

Back in the old days, pre ROE V. WADE, going back to the time America was founded, it was the family doctor, you know, the kind that made house calls, that would also "bring on the mensus" prior to the quickening. In other words, give the women and abortion. Google "abortion history". Planned Parenthood did not invent this, it just gave the poor access to what the rich had access to all along.

(Go Obama...)

Anonymous said...

This is an Outrage!!
These Babies are Dying, and these People are making Money, from this!!

Health Care!!, No MURDER!!
Read our Blog
In God's Image

Anonymous said...

Speak the TRUTH,

www.surprised by

Anonymous said...

These dollar amounts are FAR less than they would be making in a for-profit industry.

Mary E. said...

SO --
Can you expalain that a little more?
Also, what's your definition of "for profit"?