Friday, June 27, 2008

Mum's the Word at Local Abortuaries when it Comes to Truth about Abortion

By Jonathan B.

The British Parliament recently concluded debate on a bill that would have reduced the maximum age at which unborn children can be executed through abortion. While the leftist-dominated Parliament eventually voted down the reform, widely publicized ultrasound images have piqued the consciences of the British public and reignited a long-simmering discussion over the obvious humanity of the defenseless unborn child.

Since 1967, the United Kingdom has allowed abortions up to 24 weeks, or an incredible 6 months! Ultrasound imagery of babies as young as 12 weeks sucking their thumbs and otherwise behaving like, well, babies has revealed the horror of this policy. The proposals were only to reduce the limit by 4 weeks, to 20, a small step, but in the right direction.

We decided to ask what Washington State's abortionists and abortion industry leaders thought about this grassroots and science-driven groundswell in the UK.

Another major development out of England recently has been the publishing of new research and guidelines by the Royal College of Psychiatry, stating that women seeking abortions should be screened for risk of emotional trauma, and warned of the risk of long-term psychological harm. The abortion industry and their enablers in the medical elites have long tried to maintain that no such link exists.

We contacted Deborah Oyer, abortionist and owner of Aurora Medical Services, for comment. We left two messages with her assistant, and sent two emails. Despite these efforts, Ms. Oyer, who admits to performing abortions up to 18 weeks of human life, declined to call or write us back with her thoughts on why the British people were moved to consider these changes to the law, or why the country's leading psychiatric professionals consider abortion to be a source of long-term emotional damage.

We then tried Eileen Gibbons, abortionist and owner of the downtown high-rise abortuary which goes by the curious name of Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic. Again, despite repeated phone calls, Ms. Gibbons who does abortions up to "18.2 weeks" did not want to talk about the reaction of disgust that secularized, independent, informed observers have about her source of income.

Having failed twice, we decided to try Washington's true late-term abortion chain, Cedar River Clinics. We contacted Beverly Whipple, founder and director of Cedar River which was fraudulenty started with an auto loan and does abortions up to a horrifying 24 weeks. Again, despite repeated attempts by phone and email, we could not get Ms. Whipple to return our overtures to discuss what it might be about what she and her employees do every day that would move a modern, liberal people to recoil and gasp and call for the government to step in.

We also wanted to know if her three clinics warn women of the emotional and psychological risks of abortion. Apparently she didn't want to talk about this either, just like Ms. Gibbons and Ms. Oyer.

Having failed to get the state's leading practitioners of late-term abortion even to return a phone call or email, we contacted Planned Parenthood for comment. While Planned Parenthood in this state reportedly doesn't perform abortions past 12 weeks, they oppose every possible legal restriction on abortion. The only Planned Parenthood spokesman we could reach was Jet Tilley, of Planned Parenthood of Spokane. We spoke to her by phone. When asked for comment on the developments in the UK regarding lowering the legal age of abortable babies, Ms. Tilley said she had none except that Planned Parenthood supports the legality of abortion up to "viability", whatever that might be at any moment in time.

When asked what the British public might have seen in the ultrasound images that prompted this move -- it's no mystery really -- Ms. Tilley claimed she had no idea.

When further asked about the new position from the Royal Society of Psychiatry that women seeking abortions should be screened for risk of emotional trauma warned of the risk of long-term psychological harm, Ms. Tilley claimed she had never heard about it. She promised to get hold of a copy and get back to us. Despite repeated subsequent phone calls and emails, no such response has been forthcoming.

Planned Parenthood, like all Washington abortion businesses, continues to ridicule such claims in public about abortion's long-term psychological harm, and withholds any information about such risks from their clients.

Update: Planned Parenthood has lost it's appeal to stop a South Dakota law that requires women be told they have a right to continue a pregnancy and that abortion may cause women psychological harm, including thoughts of suicide.

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that South Dakota can begin enforcing a law requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortions about the potential for psychological harm and that the procedure ends a human life.

Despite the overwhelming scientific and anecdotal evidence Planned Parenthood still doesn't want to admit the scientific truth about what abortion does to the baby and the mother. They'll fight tooth and nail to prevent their "doctors" from telling women the truth or as in our state they just bury their heads in the sand.


chimakuni said...

ahhh ... you're just being mean, Mary! For Pete's sake, we are being compassionate and loving towards this women who do not want a child - we know better than you what abortion does - we have to count all the body parts of the baby we just killed, but we refuse to let you stop meanie you.

For, if we stopped and really thought about our work, we would go crazy - round the bend, certifiably needing to be locked up crazy.

So - we have to have the mindset that YOU ARE THE MEANIE and we are the compassionate ones - after all, we LOVE the mother...and you don't even care about her - you just want people to be punished with children.

OKAY - get that?

Truth be told, Mary - - they are aware, they cannot look at the truth because it would make them go round the bend into a hell that they are scared they would never recover from. We need to pray that the abortion providers will turn from their evil ways so that they will not be in hell permanently - for God is generous, merciful, all loving and kind and yearns for His People, which we ALL are, to seek Him.

I am always so scared to talk with someone who believes deeply that abortion is acceptable, because I know what hell I went through when I started to come to the realization that DAMN IT, my abortion killed my child, left me infertile and I wanted to die.

LOVE, complete LOVE and acceptance of the people in the abortion industry, those who are hurting beyond what you and I can ever imagine - hating what their job is, hating themselves and hating women...for it is those blankety blank women that MAKE them do what they do.

Okay, now I am off my soap box...

Praying for those who are hurting...loving those who have been hurt and continue to be hurt by ahortion and thanking you for continuing to shed light on the abortion industry in Washington.

Mary E. said...

Thanks chimakuni! You always have great advice and insights.

chimakuni said...

love you, Mary!