Monday, June 16, 2008

Revised 2007 Numbers on State Planned Parenthood Funding

By Jonathan B.
In a previous post, we estimated the total amount of money given by DSHS to all Planned Parenthood’s in Washington State through Medicaid at $15 million. We want to apologize. We were wrong.

Our numbers were off.
It turns out that the total, for 2007, was $23 million! ($23,158,857 to be precise)

The only good news in there for those who want to see the state get out of our children’s bedrooms is that this was actually down from the previous year, wherein Olympia doled out over $26 million for “health care” services.

That $23 million which was spread across the four state affiliates: PP of Western Washington [PPWW], PP of Central Washington [PPCW], PP of Spokane [PPS], and PP of Mt. Baker [PPMB].

The lion’s share of that figure, of course, went to PPWW: $15 million. The break down was as follows:
PPWW: $15 million
PPCW: $3.3 million
PPS: $2.4 million
PPMB: $2.1 million

About $2 million of the $23 million was directly for abortion. Most of the remainder was for contraception.

In typical Planned Parenthood fashion, a few legitimate health care services like STD testing are thrown in there as well.

No funds were spent on labor and child delivery.

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