Friday, July 25, 2008

Help Educate Dino about Abortion

Dear Silent No More Awareness Friends --

Are you willing to share a short version of your testimony with candidate for governor Dino Rossi?

He's set up this web site for people to "share comments, concerns and ways to improve our state": Tell Dino.

Men who regret participating in an abortion or wish they'd been given a chance to stand up for their child should also share their thoughts.

In the video linked from Life of the Party you'll see that Dino apparently feels that he will be prevented from helping to build a culture of life in this state since he can't overturn Roe and the legislature won't send him any pro-life bills.

I think he is wrong. There is a lot he could do.

Maybe you could give him some ideas to help women avoid abortion. Maybe he'd start to see that he doesn't need to be on the defensive. Maybe he'd start telling the voters how abortion is hurting the people of Washington and something needs to be done. Maybe he'd even take the lead despite the risk. Maybe he might even win this time.

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