Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Planned Parenthood Refuses to Discuss Increased Demand for Abortion Services

We have recently documented the Washington abortion industry's awkward reluctance to talk about what they do.

PP of Spokane makes some provocative claims on their website. They claim that the demand for abortions in eastern Washington has declined in recent years. They also claim that the reasons for this are the Take Charge program and the distribution of emergency contraception.

As AIW readers know, there have been no studies anywhere in the world linking the availability of emergency contraception with lower abortion rates, and we have shown that the massive growth in the Take Charge program has been correlated with large increases in the number of abortions performed by PP of Western Washington. It's also correlated with large increases in sexually transmitted diseases so that today 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD. In England and Wales the abortion rate hit a record high after a campaign of widespread distribution of Plan B in the United Kingdom began in 2001. "Among the very young, girls aged under 14, numbers have increased from 135 to 163, a jump of 21 per cent."

So we asked PP of Spokane (PPS) how they came to these conclusions. Unfortunately, it turned out to be much harder to get answers than you would hope.

At the very least, we wanted PPS to back up their claim of reduced abortion rates with actual numbers.

It took more than half a dozen phone calls and voicemails to PPS spokesman Jet Tilley to get a returned call. Eventually, we got through and spoke in person. We asked for answers to our above questions.

Ms. Tilley seemed reluctant to disclose any information about their abortion business, but indicated she would do so by email after some research.

No email was forthcoming.

We placed several follow-up phone calls with Ms. Tilley, speaking with her on several occasions.

She admitted that answering our questions was not a priority, but said she had tried to send the answers via emails but that "the emails had bounced", or that she didn't have our email address.

We sent emails to her to make sure she did have the correct email address, yet still no answers were forthcoming.

In fact, we have given her months to get us answers, yet we still have none.

Why is Planned Parenthood of Spokane unwilling to admit how many abortions they do every year? Why do they claim that emergecy contraception distribution and the Take Charge program has reduced the abortion rate when they can't back up this claim?

Is Planned Parenthood of Spokane lying?

If they had the guts to answer our questions, maybe we could find out.

by Jonathan B.

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