Monday, January 19, 2009

Abortion Advodates to Rally in Favor of Roe v. Wade

From the "Radical Women" --

Rally at Olympia Capital Steps to celebrate the defense of abortion rights: Jan 22, 2009 at noon!

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion by joining with other defenders of choice on the steps of the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia, WA. Protest starts at noon!

In previous years, the right wing "March for Life" has gathered at the Capitol on the date of the historic Supreme Court ruling. This year, however, the Roe v. Wade Celebration committee took the offensive by reserving the spot for a rally to honor safe and legal abortion!

Radical Women is organizing a carpool from Seattle that will leave at 10am. For more information, please call 206-722-6057 or email *************************************************************

See also, Washington General Administration Events Calendar.

I'll be at the "right wing" March for Life tomorrow (the 20th) with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and also Life of the Party.

Hope to see you there!


Michelle McIntyre said...

What are they protesting? They've got everything they want.

R said...

I wish I had found this blog sooner, I would have been delighted to join.
Thank you for this site, and for all everyone is doing.
The "fight" against abortion is going to get a lot harder in the next few months (with Obama's plan). Don't lose hope!

chimakuni said...

They are protesting their RIGHT to kill their unborn children.

Today, the 22nd, with their protest, they may have had fifty people on the capitol steps...

Show the Truth Washington and Silent No More as well as people from St. Nicholas in Gig Harbor and St. Michael's in Olympia were VIDEOTAPED by the Washington State Patrol!

What an honor!

Mary E. said...

Hi Romania for Christ --
We'll add you the the blogroll.
Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

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