Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Abortion is Legal in Washington

The myth goes something like this -- The enlightened people of Washington state, freed from the shackles of religion (especially all things Catholic), and in their infinite wisdom and goodness came together through the democratic process to support and embrace unlimited abortion for the good of all women. It was democracy's finest hour.

I think it should be fairly obvious to any unbiased observer that the "will of the people" has very little to do with the unbridled access to and promotion of abortion in this state. It should also be fairly obvious that most people do not want to support the killing of unborn children.

1) The abortion lobby has been able to buy the laws and politicians (the stupid or cowardly or power-hungry of both parties) unwilling to make any changes in our abortion laws.

2) Most people in the state are indifferent to, ignorant about or fearful to confront the problem of abortion.

3) Washington elites in business, government, media, law and education want abortion legal and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way.

4) The people who have the will to change the state's abortion regime are powerless to bring about change through legislative means at this time, and

5) The Catholic Church leadership and groups within the Archdiocese of Seattle have been negligent in their duty to educate the faithful about the crime of abortion and, at some point decided that in exchange for financial largess from the state for their charitable works they would not fight the state on abortion.

Now we have the pictures to prove it.

March for Life Olympia, WA -- 2009

This slideshow is from Tuesday January 20th, 2009. Look at all the people!

Roe v Wade Day Olympia, Washington (Caution: some graphic photos are visible.)

This slideshow is from January 22, 2009 the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The pro-choice crowd did not quite gather the four to seven thousand the pro-lifers did two days before.

If the media ever got around to reporting the truth about abortion instead of marketing it free of charge, and if the government's inordinate involvement in abortion, including the millions upon millions of dollars they shovel to the abortion industry each year, ever ceased abortion would be gone in a heartbeat.

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