Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sign the Pro-Life Petition

Sign the petition today!
Urge Washington State Legislature to regain justice for all citizens of the State of Washington, born and unborn, and to ensure the provision of adequate and honest education pertaining to fetal development (according to biology), and abortion and it's effects in schools, clinics, and hospitals in the state of Washington. Request for truthful and factual fetal development education in clinics and hospitals that perform abortions. We will support our fellow citizens and encourage them to make the best decision concerning their specific situation. We, the undersigned, do hereby request the involvement of the Washington State Legislature concerning this issue.


Anonymous said...

Does it ever blow your mind that we have to work so hard to convince people to save human lives? The absurdity that we have to CONVINCE people that human lives are valuable is beyond me!

Shouldn't this just be common knowledge?

Anonymous said...

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