Thursday, March 05, 2009

Head of Washington NARAL to Retire

One of Gov. Christine Gregoire's closest advisors, NARAL executive director Karen Cooper, is retiring this spring.

The governor and the head of the state's abortion lobby have worked together on many efforts to promote abortion here -- forcing pharmacists into the abortion business, reinterpreting state abortion law to allow for non-physicians to perform abortions, denying women any protections at all from the many abortionists who ply their ugly trade in our state, just to name a few.

Gregoire has long coddled the abortion industry as she needed their funding in her quest for power.

The number of children killed and tears cried by their mothers and fathers because of this duo is a number known only to God.


Anonymous said...

Also apparently known only to God: The use of commas (penultimate sentence), and plural spelling (abortionists vs. abortionist).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the corrections.

Do YOU have any insight into that number?

Anonymous said...

Boy what a rebuttal! And all the courage of an anonymous poster. The Death Industry may not have a defense for shedding innocent blood, but they sure won't tolerate any errors in typography!

I suppose genocide has always been like that... Hitler made the trains run on time and the streets of Beijing are clean enough for... the dogs to lick up the blood.

Anonymous said...

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