Monday, April 20, 2009

North Seattle's Newest Late-Term Abortion Clinic: "A Complete Disaster"

We just thought we'd share this new public review of Seattle's newest abortion clinic, which apparently does 24 week horror abortions. The review, by a "John Walters", is titled "A complete Disaster!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!‎":

I am so sorry if any women have to go here for an abortion. My girlfriend and I are very sorry too. Sure, the waiting room was ok, but everyone who worked there had no idea what they were doing. The lady answering the phone did not even know the number to the office; and the doctor, I would be suprised if he was a doctor. (I only hope the stuff they use was cleaned properly!) My girlfriend told me that the doctor wasnt very gentle either (she is standing over my shoulder while I write this) and that he said "just relax girl, its just like liposuction then you will be back to beautiful." Why would a professional say that to her? Is this a joke to him? Hell, I could spend all night writing about this, and maybe I should, but I have to take care of my girl. My only hope is that if anyone is thinking about an abortion, DO NOT GO HERE!!!

We wanted to do our part to help publicize this couple's experience.

Of course, we are most deeply sorry for this couple's baby that was killed. And for anyone thinking about an abortion, please contact a pregnancy resource clinic like Life Choices of King County at 1.877.668.2566‎.

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