Thursday, April 09, 2009

Time to Ramp it Up: Call State House Budget Leaders Today!

Heed the call:

Last week, Life of the Party urged pro-lifers and fiscal conservatives alike to contact state house and senate budget leaders and tell them to cut the entire $9 million for what the abortion industry euphemistically calls "family planning" from the state budget. The government has no business funding the abortion industry under any euphemism.

That $9 million doesn't even include the $7 million spent on abortions; or the sex "education" programs in the schools, or the oodles of money that goes to Planned Parenthood to create the next generation of PP customers with their soul destroying sexualization programs.

Get the facts: Pro-Choice with my Money.

Understand the problem:

If you saw the front page of this morning's Seattle Times, you'll know that the Senate is planning on, among other things, closing the McNeil Island Correctional Complex, closing Green Hill School, (the state lockup for violent and gang-entrenched juveniles), downsizing the state prison population by 1,900 inmates, and dropping people convicted of low-level felonies and misdemeanors from probation.

The House, in its proposed budget, would cut probation time for violent felons and sex offenders; allow for home detention instead of incarceration in some cases; close the medium-security Naselle Youth Camp; and eliminate parole for nearly a third of all juvenile offenders.
The move would save about $16 million over the next two years, legislative budget staff said.

What about the abortion industry?

The state is proposing a paltry $1 million cut this year in "family planning" funding in the first year of the budget, and complete elimination of funding for the program in the second year. However, the abortion industry is expecting funding for the second year to come from the Feds to cover that loss.

Cuts to Planned Parenthood? None. Rep. Larry Springer (D) told me personally he would "never" cut funding for Planned Parenthood. AG Rob McKenna (R) says he will "defend a woman's right to choose at every opportunity." Gov. Gregoire (D) dictated that pharmacists will be denied their First Amendment right to refuse to participate in the abortion industry.

When they have to pick between property rights and the "right" to abortion, which do you think they are going to side with? When they have to pick between civil rights and the "right" to abortion, where will their loyalties fall?

This is why it's called a culture of death. The government would rather put violent criminals on the street than stop the violent criminals in the quiet, manicured, and air-conditioned offices of death.

The death and violence feeds on itself.

This is why it's called the abortion distortion. Everything must bend and twist to accomodate the abortion industry and its blood lust. Nothing must get in its way; not a budget crisis, not public safety, not the loss of jobs. It is an insatiable beast.

This is a personal and particular plea to those citizens who cry, "keep the government out of our bedrooms." It's time to put your money where your mouth is. If you look at these numbers and don't think think the government is already in our bedrooms, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Now more than ever, we need to end funding for Planned Parenthood and cut off every tentacle of the abortion industry.


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