Friday, May 22, 2009

GAP Comes to UW Campus

What: The Genocide Awareness Project

Where: The middle of Red Square

When: ALL DAY - Tuesday and Wednesday - May 26-27 - 8am - 5pm

Who: Students for Bio-Ethical Reform

Why: Because ABORTION is GENOCIDE and because society has decided that they do not want you to see these pictures.

How: 25 different 4ft x 8ft billboards that SHOW the UNIMAGINABLE HORROR of ABORTION

"Clump of cells"..."Blob of tissue"..."Conceptus"..."Parasite"..."Alien germ"..."Punishment"...????

It's a baby.

It is so easy to trivialize when you call it everything but what it truly is.

It's a person.

And we intend to make sure you have no refuge behind ignorance.

We intend to restore that which has systematically stripped from the innocent and helpless unborn: their HUMANITY.

There will be NO Speeches and No Presentations because the pictures tell ALL.

Representatives for the group will however be on hand to speak with anyone interested, answer questions, etc.

Please email us with questions, comments, or information on how to join our struggle at:

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