Friday, May 08, 2009

So Much for Dialogue

The Seattle area has a little know connection with Fr. Jenkins of Notre Dame University -- Rick Steves of Europe through the Back Door, a very popular travel show on public television, is married to Fr. Jenkins' sister Anne.

Rick Steves is an abortion advocate and sits on the Honorary Council of Washington NARAL.

One of Fr. Jenkins' excuses for inviting pro-abortion president Obama to Notre Dame to receive an honorary law degree is that it will promote "dialogue".

If after years of Thanksgiving dinners and family get-togethers you can't even get your brother-in-law off the radically pro-abortion NARAL Honorary Council how do you expect to get POTUS off his wildly pro-abortion ideals?


DK said...

Indeed! This is about prestige not dialogue.

chimakuni said...

opening the dialogue for the likes of Rick Steves is to get you to understand HIS position - that is, abortion on demand is just fine.

Anonymous said...

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