Monday, November 09, 2009

Pro-Life Action Item

Health care reform IS About saving lives NOT destroying them.

On Saturday evening, Nov. 7 the congress of the U.S. approved the Stupak-Pitt amendment to HB 3962 by a vote of 240-194. This amendment, a pro life Statement true and true said to government “remove abortion funding and mandates from health care reform” period.
Jay Inslee voted against this Amendment, in other words, support abortion at any cost, regardless of the consequences on the mothers and their preborn babies!

Later that evening congress voted to pass health care reform by a vote of 220-215 (not very convincing right) never the less health care reform passed in congress.

This would not have passed without the Stupak-Pitt pro life amendment to this HB3962, period.
Inslee-Pelosi and other stanch (abortion at any price) members of congress have temporary been silenced, but not Inslee who has been invited to the Cathedral to give his legislative points of view — we know his points of view, ABORTION at any cost-he just voted this way.

As a Pro Life defender of the dignity of life from conception to natural death, and the Culture of Life we are called to say no to St. James for inviting Jay Inslee and no to Jay Inslee and his 100% voting record for the culture of death-abortion rights and other issues that are contrary to our Catholic Church.

Here is what you can do to have your voice heard—1st Pray for the innocent unborn and for their Moms and Dads to choose LIFE always.

Contacts: St. James (206)-382-4514 Helen Oesterle or Fr. Mike Ryan, pastor (206) 622-3559. Email:

Archbishop Brunett, (206) 382-4886 or email:

Thank you,- and hopefully we will see you at St. James, 803 Terry, Thurs. Nov.12 6:30-7:00 event @ 7:00 in Cathedral Hall.

Free parking at the Cabrini garage


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