Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Only 3% of What Al-Qaeda Does is Terrorism

Suppose Al-Qaeda tried to broker sympathy by telling you that "only 3%" of what they do is terrorism. The rest is job training, running soup kitchens, community organizing, building roads, and generally trying their best to help down-trodden Muslims the world over.

Well that's exactly the same reasoning Anna Franks, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Central Washington, used in talking to Pasco news reporter Hilary Whittier in response to the huge protest Sunday against her proposed abortion-referral clinic.

Ms. Franks, speaking from her palatial home, said: "only 3% of what they do nationwide" is aborting unborn babies. This is in fact a standard Planned Parenthood line, so they must think it's terribly effective.

Imagine if Charles Manson said murders were only a small fraction of what he did. If OJ said that murdering his ex-wife and her friend only occupied a tiny proportion of his time? Suppose the Klu Klux Klan said that lynchings were only 5% of the KKK's activities? Or David Koresh said that he spent less than 1% of his time having sex with 13 year-old girls?

Seriously Anna? That's your argument?

As readers of this blog know, abortion is the heart and soul of the Planned Parenthood organization. Nationally, they did 305,310 abortions in 2007. That's an increase of 5.4% from 2006's total of 289,750. They are the largest single provider of abortions in Washington, and the U.S. PP of Western Washington now does over 9,000 abortions each year, up an astonishing 50% in just three years. They open new abortion clinics whenever and wherever they can.

And all PP clinics that don't do abortions, do abortion counseling and referral -- otherwise known as "closing the abortion sale".

Former PP clients who have been rescued by pregnancy resource centers tell over and over again stories of how PP counselors tried to sell them an abortion, painting it as the answer to their problems, and withholding crucial information about the physical and emotional risks, scientific facts about their unborn baby's development, and not letting them view their ultrasound.

They happily do abortions on girls against their will, who obviously don't want the abortion.

PP of Western Washington's own annual reports show how the percentage of pregnant clients choosing abortion has shot up every year. In 2004, of 35,368 "pregnancy tests and counseling" visits, 6,291 ended up choosing abortion, or 18%.

In 2007, just three years later, of 15,621 pregnancy-related visits, 9,059 chose abortion, or 58%!

From 18% to 58% in just 3 years!

Any sales trainer who could get their client "sales conversion rates" ramped up like that would be the new Zig Ziglar.

As if this were not bad enough, the reason we have to use figures from Western Washington is that the Planned Parenthoods run by Ms. Franks, Central and Eastern Washington, have refused to disclose the number of abortions they do, including how this compares to their overall client volume.

If any of these figures supported Ms. Franks' contention that they were helping to bring down the number of abortions east of the Cascades, we think they would be more willing to share them.

We have placed repeated phone calls to Ms. Franks asking for an explanation of these facts. None of those calls have been returned.


Mary E. said...

Yes, and don't forget that the other 97% of what PP is doing isn't exactly opening soup kitchens. It's facilitating rape and sexual abuse, lying to women, withholding medical information, sexualizing children, promoting perversion, engaging in fraud, and demonizing caring citizens. And they do it in broad daylight with the help of the government!
So PP is actually worse than the KKK.

chimakuni said...

And, their condoms were rated the worst by the iconic Consumer's Report...

The house ain't exactly green is it? Wonder how large Ms. Frank's carbon footprint is????