Friday, August 13, 2010

"Pro-life" Pastor Supports NARAL Board Member for State Senate

Update: Pastor Fuiten has withdrawn his endorsement of Steve Litzow.

If people are wondering why the pro-life movement has achieved zero, zip, and nada in the legislature this latest information from from Terra Mork Writes may help to shed some light on the situation in the state...
Pastor Fuiten is the senior pastor of a large congregation in Bothell, Washington. He has a reputation of being outspoken about his pro-family, pro-life, socially conservative political views. Every election Pastor Fuiten publishes “Pastor’s Picks”, a trusted source for many believers who are seeking guidance on which candidates reflect their values.
According to Pastor Fuiten's web site, Pastor's Picks, he has come out in support of Steve Litzow, an unabashed supporter of abortion. Litzow has received the endorsement of both the pro-life, conservative, Christian Fuiten and the pro-abortion, liberal, athiestic NARAL Washington.

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