Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rossi - Didier Fight Creates Controversy over who is Pro-life

If you haven't  been following the race for the GOP slot to challenge Patty Murray, now is the time to get up to speed.

First see the ads by Washington Life coalition here and here.

Then read the response from Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church and Dan Kennedy of Human Life of Washington.

Then read the response to Fuiten and Kennedy from state Rep. Val Stevens.

The two biggest problems are with Fuiten's response that, 1. The bill was not about abortion and that "emergency contraception" doesn't cause an abortion. And 2. Dan Kennedy's claim that the WSCC signed off on the bill because they believed that conception would not occur in the time period provided in the bill.

Fuiten needs to read up on on "emergency contraception" and contraception in general. Both can prevent implantation of an embryo. This is called an abortion and results in the death of a human being.

As far as the WSCC and Sr. Sharon go, how in the world do Sr. Sharon and the Catholic bishops know when conception will occur? It's a completely ludicrous and absolutely illogical reason for supporting this bill.

Anyone who has had much experience with Sr. Sharon knows that defending Dino Rossi by citing Sr. Sharon Park is a little like defending Bart Stupak and the foolish "pro-life" democrats by citing Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association. Wouldn't exactly be my choice for a CYA in ethics but hey, in politics I guess you take what you can get.

Pro-lifers have long been suspicious of Sr. Sharon Park and I dare say that any of them look the the WSCC for leadership on legislation or action on anything pro-life related. The story of that organization, the past several bishops and the lay and religious people who run the Archiocese of Seattle is one for another day, but let's just say that the pro-life cause is just not on their agenda. Anyone who has been around pro-life work for even a very limited amount of time, say a day or two, realizes that they are NOT the go-to people as the culture circles the drain.

In this whole mess there's also the interesting fact that with SB 6537 all the other pro-life legislators in the state were able to figure out that this was a bad bill. Why didn't Dino Rossi?

Now the FDA has approved Ella, the "week after pill". That is certain to also be classified as so-called emergency contraception. Maybe Sr. Sharon can look into her crystal ball and see if any women will conceive during that time period.

Meanwhile the damage as been done and Dino Rossi did nothing to try and stop it.


Anonymous said...

Abortion is dehumanizing. Nothing is exalted except lifelessness.

Bob Qat said...

Emergency contraception a week after the fact. Yikes!

Imagine a cold world where "contraception" can be carried out at any time up to 18 years of age --- Postpartum contraception, that is.

As my pro-abortion uncle said, "Isn't that murder?" It always is, uncle, it always is.

Gatwick heathrow said...

Hey, If human being thinks of taking the life, then there are lot of such things where they are wrong, but here the matter will be such that whether the parent will be able to take enough care of the child after it's birth, if not then it would be better to not to give birth of the child.