Saturday, September 25, 2010

Abortion in Washington Calls on Legislature to Shut Down State's Abortion Industry

We are reprinting the following Seattle abortion story from The abortion happened just over a decade ago, and unfortunately the abortion clinics and abortionist are not identified. But chances are they are still doing this today. There only a few individuals who do abortions this late. Was it Dr. Oyer? Was it Dr. Kothenbeutel? Was it Dr. Komarow? Was it Dr. Browne? Or was it Dr. Gibbons? We don't know.


Two years ago, my husband and I went into an abortion clinic in Seattle, WA. I was 26 weeks pregnant. They told me to sign a form stating that I was only 24 weeks along. They also gave me a drug to make me relax and feel sleepy. I was so nervous lying there on the table as they did an ultra sound. It was all so familiar, since I already have 3 other kids at home. Ages 1-5.

I watched the screen and saw my baby's heart beating. Then we watched our baby suck on his hand. They really did not want me to see any of this, but I insisted. I could not believe I was doing this. I looked up at my husband with tears in my eyes, trying to read his thoughts. Maybe he would have second thoughts too. But we both knew we had to go threw with it. I almost died after a c-section with our last child, and we were told that another birth would have the same results. So they took me into another room. They gave me gas to breath and they gave me pain medication.

I lied there with my legs spread apart. As I started to drift off, I was saying to myself "How can I be doing this" About 20 minutes later I was still on the table with a blue cloth draped over me. I pulled the cloth away from my face and looked over at a table a few feet from me. It took my eyes awhile to adjust, but when they did I was horrified to see my little baby boy lying on that cold table. His tiny legs were moving, and his hands were opening and closing. He made sounds like a baby bird. The nurse turned the table around when she was leaving the room, and I looked right into my sons eyes. They pierced threw me with sadness.

It was then that I saw his left arm was hanging on by only skin. When the nurse pushed the table out of the room, I thought for a while maybe my baby is going to live and they are going to take him to another room to fix him. I kind of smiled as she left the room. I was sure I would see my son again. He looked so big and just like any other baby just a little smaller. Well, I never saw him again. I am only left knowing that he suffered and died all alone because I had him murdered. I have moved on in life, but daily I wonder what ever happened to my little boy.

Forever filled with sadness

So very sorry baby boy.


We don't need to change hearts and minds. We need to stop letting this horror go on each and every day in buildings next to our dentist offices, behind our fast food restaurants, and above our offices.

Where are our political leaders? Where are our pastors and priests? Why isn't Dino Rossi running ads on TV with pictures of aborted babies lying in metal dishes looking up with arms severed, looking up at Patty Murray saying: "Choose Your America"!

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