Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Group Health Killed at least 294 Babies in 2011

Earlier this year, we exposed how Group Health Cooperative (GHC) was running an abortion clinic in Seattle. Many readers, especially long-time Group Health members, were shocked to learn that their health care provider was actually murdering babies. In fact, more than that, our readers learned that GHC is helping to train new abortionists with skills in the cold-blooded, scheduled, clinical killing of innocent, healthy children, as GHC is promoting their 'abortion clinic' as a training site for the University of Washington Medical Center abortion training regime.

GHC refused to answer most of our questions including: how many abortions do they do each year? How far into pregnancy? Do they do second or third trimester abortions? How many abortionists do they use? What are the abortionists' names? Do they have valid medical licenses? How old are the girls and women they do abortions on? Do they do abortions on girls and women who are being bullied into abortion by boyfriends, husbands, which account for at least 50% of abortions in America? Do they comply with statutory rape reporting requirements (as Planned Parenthood has been accused of not doing)? Do they check whether the women are victims of abuse, or even sexual slavery?

Now we have obtained records from the government that help answer at least some of these question. We filed a Public Records Request for all abortions performed at Group Health in the last year.

GHC did almost 300 abortions in 2011. To be precise, at least 294 children were killed. Because some of these pregnancies were likely twins, or even triplets, it's likely the total is higher than that. None of these children were ever given the chance to look into their mother's eyes, nurse at their mother's breast, or be swaddled and held in their mother's arms. Instead their precious lives were violently ended through suction destruction, or callously snuffed out through chemical warfare.

The abortions are done two days a week, usually two on Thursday, and up to eight on Fridays. 

The youngest aborting mother was a 15 year old Asian girl from Renton, whose baby was 12 weeks old. That baby not only had arms, legs, toes and fingers, but also eyelids, ears, and of course a beating heart.

The average age of the abortion mother was 27. But there are actually 3 "peaks" in the age data: at about age 22, at age 31, and about age 40. This shows that abortion is not just something that teenage girls do. In Group Health's case, abortion is being used by adult women who at an age where they are perfectly capable of using birth control.

Just over half the abortion mothers were white, while 20% were black, and 20% were Asian. A small percentage are reportedly Hispanic.

Less than half of the abortions done at Group Health are repeats (38%). In one case, the mother had shockingly had 12 previous abortions! Another mother was killing her 7th baby. Four had had 4 abortions, and 8 mothers had had 3 previous abortions.

It seems that Group Health is focusing on first trimester abortions, with almost all being done on babies 12 weeks old or less. A third of the abortions were done with RU-486, the abortion pill. Four of these chemical abortions encountered complications and "required" surgical removal of the baby's remains.

Nearly all the women were from the Puget Sound region. Most were from King County (about 2/3).

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chimakuni said...

This makes me sick, furious, angry, sad ... I, due to financial reasons, am a member of Group Health. I knew they did abortions - but like all other things, I tried not to think too much about it ...

Now it is time for me to write to their board of directors - yah, yah, I know it is the law of the land - but shoot - killing babies and saving lives cannot go hand in hand - it just cannot.

Thank you for this article - please, though, in the future, do not be so expressive when you write about women who have had a dozen abortions - trust me - one abortion and thirteen abortions is all the same thing - the sad part is that that poor mother is having a very difficult time living with herself.

Pray for all post abortive parents. Thank you