Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Women Taken from Local Planned Parenthoods By Ambulance Show Need For Immediate Regulation of Abortion Chain

We recently posted some brief reports on breaking news involving emergency vehicles taking women from local Planned Parenthoods. We can now report that we have obtained the full 911 audios from both of those incidents and can report to you what happened.

First, let's recap. The first incident happened October 3 in Kenmore, where Planned Parenthood has long run an abortion mill. The second happened at PP's flagship downtown location on Madison Street, about 3 weeks later.

We originally suspected it was yet another victim of abortion like we reported on last year, in which a 16 year old girl, possibly alone, possibly behind her parents' back, possibly a victim of unreported statutory rape, possibly a victim of unreported sexual trafficking, had to be rushed to a real medical facility after her abortion was botched by an unnamed Everett, Washington PP doctor or nurse (or volunteer).

But these cases were actually a little different. The first one was a woman who was hemorrhaging following a reportedly natural miscarriage a week earlier. She had gone to a real hospital, Valley Medical, when the miscarriage happened and was subsequently discharged. For unknown reasons, she started bleeding heavily again, and got herself to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. PP CEO Christine Charbonneau told us in an email the woman made a full recovery once she was removed from the Planned Parenthood and taken to a hospital that could provide actual medical care, but we have no way of confirming these claims.

Charbonneau did not explain why a woman would have come to her clinic for this type of care.

What we do know is that this woman clearly put her life in danger by seeking real medical care at a Planned Parenthood facility. Where did she get the idea that PP was a full service reproductive health clinic, instead of the "drive-through" abortion and contraception dispensary that everyone knows it is?

It could have been the President's fault. He repeatedly lied to the entire country claiming that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. Numerous Democrat politicians, like Senators Cantwell and Murray, in a desperate effort to legitimize the largest single killer of human beings in the free world, claim Planned Parenthood offers a full range of "reproductive health services". If that were true, you could be forgiven for thinking PP would know how to care for women undergoing miscarriages or delivering babies.

That brings us to the second Seattle 911 call. This one occurred on October 25 this year at Planned Parenthood's Washington headquarters at 2001 E Madison Street in Seattle.  A 21-year-old woman was giving birth to her third child in the PP parking lot at 7:50 AM. Listening to the audio is very instructive. Even though this incident occurred a little before regular hours, there were employees on site. If Planned Parenthood really was a "reproductive health center" dedicated to serving low income women, you would think this would be a pretty great place for someone going into labour to end up.

But the woman making the 911 audio clearly has absolutely no idea what to do with a woman giving birth to a live baby!

The 911 operator asks the PP caller some basic questions, in particular, if the woman's water has broken. The PP employee barely seems to understand this basic question. Eventually the pregnant mother, at the 911 operator's insistence, brings the pregnant mom into the PP foyer to wait for the arrival of real health care workers who know how to take care of reproducing women!

One would have thought that PP Washington's flagship office would be full of doctors and nurses who would know how to help a woman going into labour. But actually not. They had no idea.

All of this not only shows Planned Parenthood to be a pack of liars and a threat to women's health. It not only shows that Planned Parenthood's Democrat Party's hacks like Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Jay Inslee, and Barack Obama -- to name just a few -- are the real threat to women. It shows that regulation is needed now to protect the women of Washington.

Last year PP of Washington pushed legislation in Olympia that was almost successful that would have regulated pro-life Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) and Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). The law would have forced these centers to post signs announcing services they did NOT offer. And if they violated any of these regulations, they could be sued out of existence. The pretense was that women's health was supposedly threatened by going to a PRC/PMC with unrealistic expectations about what kind of health care is available.

But now we know who is the real threat to women's health. We have two stark examples of actual Washington women who nearly died -- or perhaps did die for all we know -- because they went to Planned Parenthood expecting reproductive health care that PP simply isn't set up to offer and never will be. The experiment with deregulation of abortion providers has failed. It must be ended today. The Legislature in Olympia must act now to introduce legislation forcing Planned Parenthood to publicize what services it does not provide so that women's lives are no longer put in danger.

And politicians like Governor-Elect Inslee, Senators Cantwell and Murray, and President Obama must stop lying today to women about Planned Parenthood and what services it offers.

When you lie, women can die.

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