Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Big Lie: Reproductive "Parity" Bill. Planned Parenthood cares neither for parity or parity

That is they care neither for equality or childbearing. All they want is abortion.

At a public hearing on EHB 1044 on so-called "reproductive parity" yesterday, Jonathan Bloedow of AIW and Bloedow v. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest tells the Senate Health Care Committee that if Planned Parenthood wants all these abortions to take place, they can pay for them. They certainly have the funds and as the lawsuit shows they've been stealing from the taxpayers for years.

Karen Keiser, Planned Parenthood's reliable mouth-piece, tries to shut down Jonathan's testimony when it's clear he's going right to the heart of the problem -- PP CEO Christine Charbonneau and PPGW

There's lots of great testimony from the truely pro-parity side. Jonathan's testimony starts around 1:13:50.

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