Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Washington Woman Shares Abortion Testimony with National Audience

During my 5 years as Regional Coordinator for the Washington state Silent No More Awareness Campaign I met so many great post-abortive women. One of them was Nancy Murray. I recently reconnected with her and discovered that she has recetly shared her testimony in the Celebrate Life magazine. It's a beautiful story of mercy and forgiveness.

She is a writer in Richland, Washington and blogs at Catholic Ethics.

If you are hurting after an abortion there is hope. See Project Rachel or Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

If you live in Washington state it's not to late to join the next post-abortion healing retreat:

Hope and Healing After Abortion
Healing and hope are awaiting you on a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat.
Next retreat: May 3-5, 2013

Call Valerie: 1-800-822-HOPE (4673)
You are loved with an everlasting Love!
Project Rachel is a program of Catholic Community Services.


Unknown said...

Are there any best abortion alternatives ?

Unknown said...

Late-term abortion are often the result of medical issues that put the parent’s life in danger or otherwise save the fetus from agony before death due to a medical issue that will ultimately result in its death anyway.

Mary E. said...

How do you know?

Mary E. said...

All pregnancies terminate naturally at around 9 to 10 months. This is the safest, best alternative.

Unknown said...

This is a lot of good information. For my college English class I am writing a blog on teh psychological effects that abortion can have or cannot have on women. This one is really great!